Other Projects

A selection of work I can’t show you.

  • [ unnamed annotation tool ] unreleased — A tool for creating and displaying large numbers of overlapping annotations. Currently in development for an academic client.
  • Peratomic for Perk Brands in-house — A marketing tool for designing and scheduling messages across websites, email, and social media. I took over feature updates and maintenance for this full-stack service several years ago.
  • Naval Warfare for Houston Escape Rooms in-house & defunct — I inherited this web-based Battleship-inspired game half-complete, and finished the project — which was the core component of an escape room. I started work on a graphically-enhanced remake shortly before the pandemic force the client to close.
  • Getloaded Mobile defunct — I led a small team to develop this mobile app for Getloaded's load board in 2016. It wasn't perfect by any means, but I'm still proud of the work I did. It was unfortunately shut down when Getloaded was closed by its parent company in 2017.